Locally Crafted Farm Goods, Greenhouse
and Fresh Produce

Aromatic Soaps and Lotions

Bypass Farm is your one-stop shop for locally produced goat's milk, soap, and lotion. We offer a variety of vegetable-based products, all made from essential oils and filled with quality ingredients like oatmeal, honey, vitamin E, and cinnamon.
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Spring and Fall Greenhouse

Farm-Raised, Free-Range Chickens

If you're looking for an alternative to factory-farmed chicken, you have come to the right place. At Bypass Farm, we stock quality chicken and duck eggs, plus 4 lb. to 9 lb. Cornish Rock meat chickens, all farm-raised. 
Chickens and Eggs

Handmade Decor for the Home

Add a unique touch to your home with handcrafted decorative items from Bypass Farm. Choose from quaint and interesting birdhouses, aprons, and signs of all sizes. We even have pieces made from farm equipment, rake wheels, and pallets.
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